What email do I use to log in to Peerlogic Voice?

The email you will use to login will be your extension@yourpractice, for example user 1001 would be 1001@yourpractice.

How is billing payment secured?

Peerlogic billing is secured through Stripe.

What is the general voicemail box?

The general voicemail box is tied to the 4001 main queue, which hosts all of the phones taking calls in one place. It pools all voicemail messages left during business hours into one spot where you can easily check them all in one place!

What is my personal voicemail box?

Your personal voicemail only hosts voicemails specifically left on your phone, this may be useful if you have your specific extension as an Auto Attendant option or are left a message after a call is transferred to you.

What is the difference between a call park and a hold feature?

Both options allow you to place the caller on hold, but when using the call park, other extensions with the BLF enabled will be able to pick up a call on hold from any line using the call park feature!

What do I enter for the voicemail pin?

We recommend making all voicemail pins match the extension, i.e., extension 1001 would have a password of 1001.

Why do I dial 5000 to access voicemails?

The extension 5000 houses the culmination of voicemail messages and by dialing 5000, you should be able to access these stored messages.