Peerlogic Terms to Know:

Peerlogic Voice: Peerlogic’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, which provides a platform for cloud-based calling in place of analog landlines.

Peerlogic Insights: Peerlogic’s analytics dashboard, conversational AI-driven statistics displaying your practice-specific insights.

Peerlogic Pro: A mobile app extending your Peerlogic Voice account anywhere! Peerlogic Pro allows you to make calls masking as your office number, check voicemails, and receive calls from the office any time you are logged in.

Peerlogic Web Portal: Peerlogic’s Voice Domain housing all VoIP calls and controls, this is where you will be able to access all VoIP related features.

AiDa: A Peerlogic desk app presented as a work queue, allowing you to easily return missed calls and retain missed revenue.

VoIP Terms to Know:

Porting: Porting is the process of changing your number from your old provider to your new provider.

Call Park: A feature that allows the user to place a call on hold, which can be picked up by other users if they become available.

Hold: A feature pausing a call exclusively on your phone; it is unable to be picked up by any other users/phones.

Auto Attendant/Call Tree/IVR: Synonymous terms describing the prerecorded menu options presented to a caller when they call in; these allow practices to customize the options given to patients as they call in and route them accordingly.

VoIP: Voice over Internet protocol; Phone calls are being made over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines.

BLF: Busy Lamp Fields; Show the status of other users displayed on your phone, displaying them as on the phone or available.

CSR: Customer Service Record; A record that requires an authorized signer to establish legal ownership of the phone number

FOC: Firm Order Commitment; The date your previous provider should finish fully porting your number over to make it available to your new provider.

LOA: Letter of Authorization; A legal document declaring that a number may be transferred to the new provider to initiate porting a number.