How To Change Business Hours

Learn how to change your current set of business hours! This article details the steps of how to change, extend, and shorten your current business hours on Peerlogic Voice!


1. Navigate to the “Time Frames” tab in the domain.

2. Select time frame labelled as “Business Hours”.

3. Select or deselect the boxes to the left of the listed days to switch the days to open or closed.

4. Drag the endpoints to indicate which time you would like to be open and which times you would like to be closed.

5. Once your changes have been made, select save and your changes will be updated!


Q: Where do I create time frames?

A: Under the tab labelled “time frames”

Q: What happens for the times outside of the Business Hours range?

A: The times not accounted for in time frames fall under the “Default” time frame which acts as a catch all time frame for all undesignated days and times.