Peerlogic Insights Opportunity Page Walk-Through

A quick breakdown of the “Opportunities” page in Peerlogic Insights!


1. Sign in to and select the arrow icon on the left

2. The “Opportunities Funnel” analyzes your practice’s calls and breaks them down into booked appointments, not booked appointments, and opportunities to try to book appointments with patients again. “Win Backs Attempted” and “Win Backs Won” break down the number of patients who initially called in to book an appointment and didn’t, but booked an appointment after being called again. 


3. “Booking Trends” shows a monthly graph of the number of new patients and existing patients booked.



4. The very bottom breaks down the statistics even further into three sections, “Location,” “Users,” and “Calls.” 


5. “Location” breaks down the key statistics for that location as well as information about the physical location of the practice.


6. “Users” breaks down the total call volume, missed calls, and total opportunities of each user and their respective extensions.


7. “Calls” lists the date and time of the call, the caller’s personal information, the sentiment, the recording, the booking status, and the procedures mentioned during the call to give a quick overview of each call.