How To Change Your Billing Information

Our billing page, secured by Stripe, allows you to view past and upcoming invoices, as well as offers a space to change payment methods. Below are instructions on how to access and navigate this page.


1. Begin by visiting

2. Enter your billing email address when prompted.

3. You will receive an email with a link to login to the billing page.

4. Once logged in, the top will have four options; to change your card select “update card” on the far right

5. Once entered select “Save card details”.


Q: Can I make payments through physical payments like checks?

A: Yes, don’t hesitate to contact for more information about paying with checks.

Q: How is my billing payment secured?

A: Peerlogic billing is secured through Stripe. 

Q: What email do I use to log in?

A: To log in, please use the email address you listed as your billing email. 

Q: Who can change payment information?

A: The person with access to the billing email will be able to make payment modifications