How To Enable Voicemail Email Notifications

Learn how to enable email notifications and never miss a voicemail! This article details how to enable email notifications for both your main call queue as well as for individual users!


1. Login to your Peerlogic Voice Domain.

2. Navigate to “Users” tab.

3. Ensure “Hide System Users” in the bottom right corner is unchecked

4. For the main queue, select “4001”; for a specific user, select their extension.

5. Scroll down on the “Profile” page to “Account Security”

6. Under “Email” enter or modify the addresses you would like to receive notifications.

7. Select “Save”.

8. To the right, select the “Voicemail” tab.

9. Scroll down to the very bottom where it says “Email Notifications”

10. Check “Enable Email Notifications”and select “Send with Attachments” for email type, and “Leave as new” for after email notification.

11. Select “Save” and you should begin receiving notifications!


Q: Why would I enable email notifications?

A: If you would like real time updates on voicemails, then this is for you! It also provides another means of checking voicemails if you just want to check one or two specific ones away from your computer.

Q: How many emails can receive voicemail notifications?

A: There is a limit of 5 emails per user, but there is no limit to how many receive copies on other extensions.

Q:What is the difference between 4001 queue email notifications and single user extension notifications?

A: The 4001 queue will send general notifications for voicemails left on the main line, where as the user extensions are exclusively for voicemails left on that specific phone.

Q: When I add my email, will I receive notifications for past voicemails?

A: You will only receive notifications that came through after enabling the notifications.