How To Send An eFax

Learn how to navigate the eFax feature in your Peerlogic Voice Domain! This article details how to send and receive faxes virtually through eFax.


1. Ensure you are signed into the designated fax user in the Peerlogic Voice domain.

2. Navigate to the top right hand corner where the user is listed, select “Messages” from the drop down menu.

3. Select the “Fax” tab directly next to the “Messages” tab that opened.

4. The page will automatically open your inbox tab and display the eFaxes you have received, giving you the option to preview, download, or delete them.

5. To check eFax documents you have sent, select the dropdown menu in the top left corner where “Inbox” is listed and select “Sent”.

6. Your sent documents will populate and you will be able to preview, download, or delete them.

7. To send an eFax, select “Send Fax” in the top right corner.

8. Select one of the supported file types (multiple files must be combined into a single file to be sent), select the number you would like the eFax to be sent from(this may appear as a drop down menu if you have multiple eFax numbers), and enter destination number.

9. If you would like to add cover letter options, check the cover letter box and several optional sections will populate below.

10. Select send and your eFax will be sent!

11. To confirm, the “Sent” section should immediately reflect the sending status of eFax being sent.


Q: Can all users check the fax?

A: Only the fax user has faxing capabilities, though there is no limit to how many people can be logged in under the fax user.

Q: Can I send multiple files at once?

A: Files must be combined into a single file or pdf to be sent, we recommend Adobe Acrobat in the link below.

Q: What file formats can I send?

A: You can send html, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .png, .tif, .odt, and .txt.

Adobe Acrobat: