Missed Calls Page Breakdown

A quick breakdown of the “Opportunities” page in Peerlogic Insights!

1. Missed calls: break all of your missed calls into total “Missed Calls,” “Outstanding Calls,” and “Followed Up Calls,” assigning revenue to the latter two categories. The revenue under “Outstanding Calls” is the potential revenue available within the missed calls, determined by AI analysis. “Followed-Up Calls” show the revenue captured from calling these patients back. Revenue is based on the average cost of services mentioned in the voicemail or call. 

2. Below, you can see the caller information as well as the status of the opportunity. This allows users to keep track of what opportunities have been pursued and how each is going. 

3. The next tab is labeled “Insights.” This page shows missed calls broken down hourly, allowing users to see the hours they allow the most calls to go to voicemail. On the right are two graphs showing the practice’s conversion rate for following up on potential revenue.