How To Use Hold and Call Park Features

Learn how to use the Hold and Call Park features on Peerlogic phones! This article provides a guide on how to use the hold feature and the call park feature on physical Peerlogic phones.



1. While on a call, select the second button to the right on the bottom of the screen labeled “Hold”. 

2. Alternatively: Select the button in the bottom right corner of the phone with a phone and pause icon and they will be placed on hold.

3. To pick them up from hold, simply press the “Resume” button in the same space as the hold option. This will allow you to resume your call. 


Call Park:

1. While on a call, select the “Hold 1” or “Hold 2” button on the left side of your screen. (Please note this button may appear on either side of the screen depending on how it was configured)

2. The call park will turn red to show that it is in use and all phones with this button option will be able to pick up the call. 

3. To resume the call, select the same call park you placed the call on and the call will resume. 

*Please note that this option is not available on cordless phones.


Q: What is the difference between a call park and a hold feature?

A: Both options allow you to place the caller on hold, but when using the call park, other extensions with the BLF enabled will be able to pick up a call on hold from any line using the call park feature!

Q: What does a call park look like?

A: A call park will be labeled as a button on either side of your phones screen, generally labeled as “Hold 1” and “Hold 2”.