How To Create Temporary Time Frames

Temporary time frames or “Specific Dates and Ranges” time frames are time frames that only are effective for a specific set of days and hours. This specific time frame is often used for things like holidays, weather closures, and staff meetings so calls can be properly routed without changing the regular business hours.


1. Navigate to the Time Frames Tab.

2. Select “Create New Time Frame” and select “Specific Dates and Ranges”

3. Select the specific dates and times you would like this time frame to be in effect. 

4. Select save and your time frame will be saved. 

5. Navigate to “Users” and select your 4002 or after hours queue.

6. Navigate to the “Voicemail” tab (For more information see “How To Change Your Voicemail Greeting”)

7. Upload your timeframe-specific voicemail to play during that time frame (note the message will begin playing once it is added so make sure to add it close to when you will be closing for the holiday or beginning of the new time frame)

8. Select save and navigate to the “Inventory” tab.

9. Select your practice’s phone number. 

10. In the bottom right corner select the from the drop down menu the time frame you just created and select the green button next to it. 

11. Once added, select for “treatment” select “voicemail” and for “destination” enter “4002”.

12. Drag the time frame to the top so it is sitting on top of the other time frames and select “save” 

13. Repeat steps 9-12 on all available numbers. 

14. Calls will begin forwarding to the new message as soon as the beginning of that timeframe starts.


Q: Do I have to use my after hours queue?

A: You can route to any queue, user, or auto attendant; you just will need to add a corresponding message to them.

Q: Will the message expire with the time frame?

A: You will have to manually change the message back unless you create a queue specifically for this time frame. 

Q: How do I drag the time frames?

A: Select the area directly to the left of the name of the time frame you want to move. 

Q: Do I need to delete the time frame?

A: Nope! You can leave the time frame as long as you would like, it will not affect future time frames once its designated time has passed.