How To Fill Out an LOA

Learn how to fill out a Letter of Authorization (LOA)! An LOA allows us to port your phone number from your previous provider to us. This is a very important step in the onboarding process, and it is imperative that the information is submitted correctly, so make sure to proofread!


1. Look for an email from Peerlogic Support via Docusign titled “Action Required: Please Docusign Peerlogic LOA.pdf”

2. Select “Review Document”


3. You will be redirected to a Docusign page and select “Start.”


4. Begin by entering the billing address of your business. Please note: The billing address entered must match the billing address on record with your previous provider.


5. Add your practice’s business address below and enter the person responsible for the porting process’s name, title, and phone number.


6. Check the box authorizing Peerlogic to port your phone number(s).


7. Below, enter the phone and fax numbers you would like to port over. Enter the number and then select from the drop down whether it is a voice or fax number. Please note: If you are porting more than four numbers, you will need to use an additional page and check the box labeled “Use a separate page for additional BTNs.”



9. Scroll down to the last page then sign the document and add your title.

10. Lastly, attach a copy of your most recent bill from your previous provider and select finish!