How To Send a Welcome Email

Learn how to send new users a welcome email! This article walks you through how to send a welcome email containing the login credentials for new users!


1. Log in to your Peerlogic Voice Domain

2. Navigate to the “Users” tab and select the specific user you would like to register.

3. The page will open to a “Profile” tab, scroll down to the “Change Account Security” section.

4. A field labeled “Email Address(es)” will be under this section, enter the desired email address you would like the welcome email to go to.

5. At the top of the user’s section, select the “Advanced” tab on the far right.

6. Under the “User Setup” section there will be the email address you entered listed above a “Send Welcome Email” button.

7. Confirm the email address and press the “Send Welcome Email” button.

8. An email will be sent with instructions on how to sign in to the entered email address.


Q: How many welcome emails can I send?

A: There is no limit, but only 5 emails may be associated with a single user.

Q: Who can send welcome emails?

A: Anyone with a domain login is able to send welcome emails to new users.

Q: How long is the welcome email link active?

A: The welcome email link expires after three hours, but you may send as many new ones as necessary.