Peerlogic Insights Dashboard Breakdown

A quick walk-through of the Dashboard section of Peerlogic Insights!


1. Begin by logging in to

2. The Insights page will open on your Dashboard

3. The top right corner has a drop-down menu that allows you to filter a time frame.


4. Below is a “Traffic Breakdown,” visualizing total inbound, missed, and answered calls as well as voicemails.


5. Next is the “Opportunities” section, which shows the total number of requested appointments broken down into “Booked” and “Not Booked”; next to this is a graph showing these statistics over time.


6. The “New Patients Opportunity Breakdown” is a graph showing your practice’s conversion rate over your date range, detailing the amount of booked and not booked appointments as well as the conversion ratio as a percentage.


7. The “Practice Benchmark” breaks down the practice’s overall statistics and compares them to the organization as a whole (in the case of multi-practice organizations) and the industry standard.