How To Sign In From a Welcome Email

Learn the first steps of logging into the Peerlogic Voice Domain for the first time! This article walks you through how to get from your recently received Welcome Email to signing into your user for the first time!


1. Open the welcome email you have received.

2. You will see the username you will use to login listed under “Login” as well as your extension number, scroll down and select complete set up.

3. Create a new password and enter it in again to confirm.

4. Create a voicemail pin, we recommend using the same pin as the extension number (1001 would have a voicemail pin of 1001).

5. Click save and you will be redirected to a login page.

6. Use new username and password to login.

7. Save credentials if you please (we recommend!)


Q: What do I enter for the voicemail pin?

A: We recommend making all voicemail pins match the extension, i.e extension 1001 would have a password of 1001.

Q: What email do I use to login?

A: The email you will use to login will be: extension@yourpractice, for example extension 1001 would be 1001@yourpractice.

Q: How long do I have to set up the account after receiving the welcome email?

A: The complete set up link will expire 3 hours after being sent, but can be sent again as many times as necessary.